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Private charges for adults are £250 per hour plus laboratory costs and any particularly expensive materials.

The hygienist is charged out at £120 per hour.

On Saturday my hourly rate is £270

Children of existing patients that attend regularly have their examination free up to the age of 10 years and treatment at half price if they are seen in normal working hours on a weekday.

We also offer a payment plan, which for the monthly cost of £16.00, includes the cost of your examination, routine radiographs, 2 hygienist (20 min) appointments per year and 10% discount on treatment (not including laboratory fees).  Wistaria Plan and Wistaria Children's Plan are links to PDF files showing the plan brochures.

Printed estimates are normally given.

It is always difficult to give an estimate of the cost of specific treatment on a per item basis. Take the example “How much does a filling cost”. A “filling” may take me from 15 minutes to one hour depending on its size, position, difficulty and the material used. The longer the time the larger the fee.

Also I am always concerned that quoting “Prices from:” will invoke bad feeling when the price given for the item of treatment does not match this minimum figure.

Therefore what I have attempted to do here is give some examples of fees, some of which are generally fixed and some which may be variable depending on the time spent.

The figures are based on attendance during normal working hours i.e. not Saturdays. I hope this fulfils your needs and expectations and if there are any treatment items you would like to see published here then please let me know.

Please also consider that the cost of the treatment does not just reflect the time you are in the surgery, it also takes into account the time in clearing up and sterilising instruments and disinfecting the surgery and writing up your notes, prescriptions and/or referral letters.

New patient examination        £60.00 £35.00
Bitewing radiographs £30.00 Included
Small radiograph £20.00 £18.00
Routine re-examination £29.50 Included
20 min treatment with hygienist £40.00 Included
30 min treatment with hygienist £60.00 *£20.00
Small amalgam filling £80.00 £72.00
Large amalgam filling £120.00 £108.00
Small tooth-coloured filling £90.00 £81.00
Large tooth-coloured filling £130.00 £127.00

What may be useful to point out here is that if I am doing, say, two fillings in the same quadrant (region) of your mouth in the same visit then the cost of the treatment will go down as the length of time taken will not be as much as doing two fillings on separate appointments.

Root canal treatment (in 1 visit) on a front tooth £170 £153
Root canal treatment (in 1 visit) on a back tooth £240 £216
Root canal treatment (in 2 visits) on a back tooth £360 £324
Bonded porcelain (tooth coloured) crown on a front tooth £470 £440
Gold crown on a back tooth £490 £460

I should explain that it is seldom the case that additional work is not needed before the final preparation for the crown (unless I have restored the tooth previously with a view to eventual provision of a crown) and that the additional preparatory work (constructing the ‘core’) may cost around £80-£90.

Full dentures (upper and lower) with injection moulded bases and ‘medium quality’ teeth    £600

All restorations (fillings) that I have placed within 1 year I will replace free of charge if they fail, unless I have advised you that the prognosis is poor and failure is likely. However, if additional work (root canal treatment, provision of a post or a crown etc) has to be undertaken to restore the tooth then you may be asked to pay that portion of the cost only. This undertaking does not apply in the event of trauma, extra-oral or intra-oral.

Emergency call-out on an evening or at a weekend or bank holiday  £250 plus cost of treatment.

For patients who attend regularly (less than 1 year between examinations) and complete their prescribed courses of treatment I usually only charge a nominal call out fee plus the treatment time.


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